Destination Missions

“Live Out Your Fantasy as a Spy for the Entire Day!”


The Covert Mission Games Destination Series Missions consist of you and another traveling to a certain location to be spies and complete the mission.  You will receive your mission directives one day in advance of the travel day in order to strategize with your mission partner.  From there, it’s on!
You and your mission partner will have all day Saturday to complete the mission which starts in the morning and ends later that night or into the early AM hours of Sunday morning.  You will have a Handler that will assist you throughout the mission should you get stuck or need that extra push to get your mission completed.
This is a semi all-inclusive package designed to be thrilling and adventurous.
  • 1 full-day of spy gameplay for 2
  • Mission Package (Mission overview delivered before your Travel Day)
  • Mission Control / Handler assistance
  • 1 Spy kit
  • *Round-trip flight for 2 (Domestic, call for pricing if International flight.  Leave Friday and return on Sunday)
  • 2 nights lodging for 2 in a 4-star, or better, hotel / resort (Friday and Saturday nights)
  • Breakfast for 2 (game day only)
  • Lunch for 2 (game day only)
  • Dinner for 2 (game day only)
  • Special daytime activity for 2 (game day only)
  • Special nighttime activity for 2 (game day only)
All of the above is tied into one (1) full day of covert mission fun where you, and another, are the spies for the entire day.  The mission starts early Saturday morning and will end early Sunday morning, usually the early am hours.  We strongly suggest using the days prior to peruse your Mission Package.

Here is the travel / mission schedule:
  • Friday evening – travel day
  • Saturday (all day) – mission day
  • Sunday (early morning until 2am) – mission
  • Sunday afternoon – travel day

* = airline tickets may affect the pricing of the package if booked on a holiday or any other special day.

“Fantastic!  This is just like being in my own personal movie!!!  So much fun!” – Jason P.

Not sure what you’re going to do on the mission??  It’s designed that way!  No spy knows what the mission entails until Control informs its Agents.

30-day advance booking required.  Questions before booking?  Call 941.888.GAME (4263) or send us a message here (scroll down below the map).

Book Your Covert Mission Games Destination Mission Now!  $5,000 (Half, $2500, is due now at the time of booking.  Last half will be billed 1 week before your travel day.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No refunds will be issued if you cancel the mission.  However, you can reschedule your mission for a later time out to 365 days.)