Mission Selection

Choose your mission!  Below you will find several missions which are are broken into 5 distinct categories depending on your experience, preference and thrill intensity.  Each has several “Levels of Difficulty” ranging from Levels 1 thru 5, 5 being the most complex.

WARNING: If you have not played a real-life, espionage competition before, it is highly recommended you begin at Level 1. Once you get the hang of the covert operations you have to employ, then and only then should you select another Level of Difficulty

Once you have selected the appropriate category, click the link in that section to view the pricing for your mission.


More information coming soon.

Individual Missions are good birthdays, anniversaries, special gifts, tourists and vacationers wanting to site-see, etc. Individual Missions do not have to be affiliated with a competition component unless desired. Click Here to View Mission Pricing

Small Group-Fun Missions are for groups of 8 or less.  These missions can have a team concept or a competition component in order to complete the assignments. Click Here to View Mission Pricing

The Large Group Fun Series is exactly what it sounds like – a group of 10, or more, people willing to have a tremendous amount of fun while playing a mission game. Click Here to View Mission Pricing

Date-Night Missions are a good ice-breaker for dating fun and as a measurement of compatibility.  Click Here to View Mission Pricing

Group-Fun Mission Groups are good for bachelor / bachelorette parties, a fun night out in the town, tourist groups wanting to see the city, etc.  Click Here to View Mission Pricing

Extreme Team Mission Competitions are for hardcore gamers, extreme thrill seekers, military buffs, trained professionals, espionage movie lovers, etc. This mission series has a serious competition component to it and entries are based on a team environment. Also, this series has an end-game jackpot for the winning team.  Click Here to View Mission Pricing

Corporate Team-Building Mission Competitions are specifically designed for team-building / team-work, leadership skills development, management scouting & grooming, communication skills development, people skills development, and much more for the corporate environment.  Click Here to View Mission Pricing

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