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Online B2B Missions

19 May 2016


Thrilling Online Espionage Missions Leverage Organizational Training & Development 


Chandler, AZ, 05/18/2016 – Covert Mission Games (CMG) has successfully launched online B2B spy/espionage missions for team-building and organizational training & development.

The company is not referring to a video game, but real-life spy missions that are played in real-time, using real people. Live Action Role Play (L.A.R.P.) is a dynamic training tool and a fun interactive experience for all employee’s not just management.

The missions can be played on or off site at any time. On-premise missions are controlled remotely by CMG Mission Control.  All participants will receive maximum support with Mission Control at the helm.

“We’ve perfected our mission process to the point that organizations like AT&T see the value in having team-building fun and organizational training & development while at work.” says Tony Moreland, Chief Operating Officer of Covert Mission Games. “We feel this is a major breakthrough in organizational training & development. This is achieved by interweaving any businesses vision, values, credo, and cornerstones into each interactive game. Mandates such as trust, communication, process orientation, and time management are just a few of many focal points that can be incorporated into every mission. It’s proven to be very effective in instilling a heightened learning environment and at the same time, having a lot of fun.”

Online B2B Missions use a diverse mixture of the technology and world wide web based outlets to accomplish our goal of professional development through kinesthetic gaming.

Every day devices such as iPhones, Android phones, applications, notebooks, and tablets are used in conjunction with social media platforms to provide our gamers with an individualized level of comfort.

Companies participating will be launched into a thrilling storyline and race against time. We also suggest competition between various departments for an added competitive twist.

To learn more about how CMG’s online B2B spy/espionage missions can add team-building fun to your organizational training & development endeavors, go to:

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About Covert Mission Games

Covert Mission Games is the thought leader in reality gaming.  Our mission is to send you on the most heart-pumping, real-life, yet safe adventure you could possibly imagine. Our spy/espionage mission games are played in the “real world” involving people, places, and things.


Press Contact:

Granison Shines (Chief Gaming Officer) – Covert Mission Games