Online Missions

Welcome to the Next Level in Gaming!


A great way to experience the CMG missions like never before is to take on an online mission!  Get involved with the CMG story line as you take on The Foundation with Adam because he needs your help – very badly!

Online CMG missions are NOT a video game in any sense of the imagination.  Instead, you will need to find, decode, and figure out real missions using your wit, technology, and resources while you’re on the Internet.  

You can test your abilities here via our

FREE Online Mission.

As always, information will be submitted to Mission Control via the website and features automation to provide you instant “mission complete” or “mission failure” notifications.

WARNING: Our online missions are NOT a video game. Mission get more complex and thrilling as you work your way up the ranks.

For ease of completion, first protocol states Missions can be initiated with your desktop computer; just as if you were really working for the CIA or MI6.  However, if you’re savvy enough, second protocol states you can initiate missions with your mobile device.  Our technology allows ease of use and therefore, you may be able to complete the mission using such devices.

While on assignment with the online missions, you will have to work your way through the ranks of becoming the spy you desire to be – the Ghost.  You’ll start as an Informant and work your way up to the Ghost with real-life missions played in the real world.

The first set of online missions which consist of 15-part mission series can be played now!  The first one is FREE and if you successfully complete the mission we will “Activate” you as one of our newest spies.