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Free Online Mission

Think you’d make a good spy?  Many have felt the same way and failed!!  Test your skills right here, right now via our Free Apple and Android App!

Live Missions

Be the Super Spy you’ve always wanted to be and take on The Foundation.  Join heart-pounding spy missions played daily in our locations across the globe.

Corporate Development

Experience Organization Development via our Gamification Workshops and Team-Building spy missions.  Missions played online, on-premise, or off-premise.

Become a Business Owner

We’re growing, and the opportunities are massive!  If you’d like to explore a thriving business opportunity, your mission is to contact us.  We’re ready to speak with you.

What is a Covert Mission Game?

We create an adrenaline filled, entertaining experience; that pushes your creativity and innovation!

Here at Covert Mission Games, YOU are the spy. We are an entertainment company bringing you real-life espionage fun “in the real world”. The whole premise is you operating covertly in a world where information is “King”. Even while you’re engulfed in the excitement of the game, we still provide a safe environment for you to live out your spy fantasies that far surpasses the experience of a video game or scavenger hunt – Guaranteed!

Our missions are intensely cerebral and are designed to keep you consistently thinking about your surroundings – the place you’re in and the people you see – as well as, keep you on the edge of your seat. Each missions is specifically designed to make you think, use your resources, visit locations, find people, places, things, and everything in between. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a spy and to try to never get caught, then this the game for you.

Remember – Have Fun and NEVER Get Caught!!!

Creativity and Innovation Creates The Ultimate Espionage Experience!

Adrenaline Rush

Let’s face it, unexpected things may happen. Are you ready to take them head-on?


You will have to think you way through seemingly impossible situations. Can you do it?


The fun never stops; neither do the surprises. Are you going to quit or finish the mission?

Play Right Now on Your Mobile Device

  • Step 1: Find a Mission

    Choose a “Mission Center” and use the map to find a mission near you. If you are not near one of our Mission Centers, choose “eMissions” to play a non-location specific mission. Pay close attention to the time required, difficulty level and thrill rating to ensure your choice matches your ability!

  • Step 2: Launch Your Mission

    Once you’ve selected your mission, you will be prompted to LAUNCH the Mission Timer. Once launched; you are on the clock and you must finish or abort your mission. The mission timer will count down during the entire mission.

  • Step 3: Complete Your Mission

    During your mission you will be asked to solve problems, gain access, decypher messages or anything else that helps defeat The Foundation! You will never be asked to do anything illegal, unsafe or that will damage property. BE SAFE! Remember, you must complete the entire mission incognito, do not ask outright for the intel needed as the person you ask maybe a prop for the game.

  • Step 4: Expand Your Skills

    Continue to hone your spy skills by completing additional instant missions or to really go to the next level. Schedule a full spy mission experience either as a date night, with a group of friends or as a team building adventure.