Operation: Independence Day

If you’re looking for a fun-filled and exciting date, then you’ve come to the right place! This is a 2-Player Mission.

The Foundation is up to their evil shenanigans again, so we need your help!!

In this secret spy mission, we need you and your date to be undercover spies and thwart the plans of The Foundation to eradicate our Independence Day!   They’ve been taking out our spies left and right, and now we must turn to the likes of you!  So, this is where you and your date come into play!

If you choose to accept this mission, you will have to tail and get close to one of their most dangerous spies and secretly obtain the content(s) of a bag he/she is carrying.  To protect the mission, as The Foundation has eyes and ears everywhere; we’ll brief you, via secure email, right before your mission. Oh, and you’ll have a set time in which to complete this mission.

A strong warning though, prepare for the unexpected and be ready to put everything you’ve got to the test. Why? Because today is going to be filled with heart-pounding excitement and it’s going to get W-I-L-D! You can rest assured your experience will be pleasurable and exciting.

If you choose to accept this mission, click the button below to book it nowIF you think you have what it takes to be a spy!

**NOTE: if you are wondering EXACTLY what it is you will have to do in the mission, this is where the thrill intensifies.  We do not tell all of the intricacies of the mission.  However, you can view the ‘Playing Locations’ of the mission to see what will be involved.**

OPERATION: INDEPENDENCE DAY – $497 / Couple (2 Players)

  • Mission Objective

    Tail the Foundation’s Operative and obtain the device in his/her bag and deliver it to the Safe-house in tact. (Other mission details will be sent to you via email once you’ve purchased the mission.)

  • Playing Locations

    Kelly’s Restaurant, iFLy Indoor Skydiving, Casablanca Roof Top Lounge, Fox Cigar Bar (Not in that order)

  • # of Players

    This is a 2 Player mission for the one price listed.

  • Safe, Fun-Filled Environment

    The whole premise is you operating covertly in a world where information is “KING”. Even while you’re engulfed in the excitement of the real-world spy game, we still provide a safe environment for you to live out your spy fantasies that far surpasses the experience of a video game, escape room or scavenger hunt – Guaranteed!

  • Live Mission Support

    During your mission our live game masters are available to help.

  • 2-Day Advanced Booking Required

    A real-world covert spy game take planning, so all missions require advanced booking.

  • Refreshments or Meal Included

    This is still a date, so we provide Hors d’oeuvres or a meal depending on your mission choice.

  • Multiple Locations

    This mission starts in Old Town Scottsdale

  • Spy Pack Provided

    Accomplishing objectives will require tools, therefore; all missions include a Spy Pack with the necessary physical materials you’ll need in order to complete your mission.

Mission Price: $497 / Couple

  • cost is $497 per couple
  • $0.00

Other Spy Debriefs

This was actually the best date ever! I’m serious… I got the opportunity to get to really know my date and get a real-life example of how well we’ll work together to accomplish a common goal. By far, this was the best ice-breaker ever for a couple just starting to date. We had a lot of fun…

Michael B.Date Night Spy

This is the realest game ever! I actually did some crazy stuff I never thought I’d do in my life. OMG – my mission was way more exciting than I expected it to be. I am definitely playing this game again. I have to get to the next rank of my spy profession.

Erica G.Date Night Spy

We did a CMG for a bachelor party and OMG, our mission was full of off-the-charts fun! I did not expect this much fun for a bachelor party. Even as a big group of guys, this was well planned.

James C.Small Group Spy

Whoever thought of this game is going to make an a**-load of money. Why couldn’t I think of this?? This was a ton of fun. Some parts of the mission kept me nervous. LOL…

Wyatt T.Small Group Spy

How Does it Work?

  • Book Mission

    We have all types of missions from date night to corporate team building events.

  • Two Days Prior

    We will send your starting location and the mission rules. You MUST read the mission rules!

    Two Days Prior

  • Mission Start

    At your first location you will be directed to your mission start package; which will kick off your mission!

  • During Mission

    You will be expected to follow all mission rules and use every ounce of your inner spy to accomplish the mission directive.

    During Mission

  • Debrief

    After each mission, your part will be directed to a secret debrief location – this is where you compare notes and find out if you COMPLETED your mission!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the mission information / package?

The mission information / package will be delivered to you or you will have to go and get it. Just like if you were a spy, you would have to meet someone at a public or secret location, visit a location, or it will be sent to you electronically (or all of the above – you will just have to wait and see). A rendezvous point will be covertly communicated to you and you will have a certain amount of time to go and get the package information – if that is how that mission is designed. Therefore once you purchase your covert mission game, be prepared because it’s “Go time!”.

Do the missions have rules?

Prior to each mission you will receive a complete list of mission rules.  But, the biggest rule is to make sure you play the mission game safely. Since the missions are conducted “in the real world” – not all the people in which you will be in contact are “in” on the mission,  So, we want to ensure that they remain safe in their environments as well.

What equipment will I need in order to play the mission games?

Think about it like this – if you were a spy, you’d need the latest and greatest in technology to get access to information, places, and things quickly and accurately. Therefore, at the very least, you should have a handheld mobile device with access to the internet, text messaging and email at the very least. All other equipment, you will have to determine once you get your mission package.

What if I am unable to complete a mission due to unforeseen circumstances? What are my options? Will my investment be returned?

All mission investments are final and non-refundable. If you are unable to complete a mission due to unforeseen circumstance or other serious reasons, you may forfeit the current mission and choose another mission of a future date. NOTE: you cannot enter a mission if it is sold out.

Where are the mission games played?

The mission games are played in the real world – there are new locations starting every month.  Or, if you can’t wait, you can request a custom mission built for your group.

What if I am uncomfortable doing a mission task?

That is part of the risk you take when you sign up to play a Covert Mission Game. As part of the game, you are required to complete your mission, so frankly, you must find a way or you have failed your mission.

What if I get caught during a mission? What happens?

If you get caught during a mission game, then your cover is blown, but essentially, in order to get the full game experience, you keep playing. However, you may miss out on certain mission game bonuses which are staged throughout the mission. Please note: mission game bonuses are not announced anywhere in your mission package. You must discover them.

How do I know when I have completed / finished a mission game?

You’ll know when you’ve completed a mission game when you have done, obtained, and submitted all of the mission requirements. In the Extreme Team Series missions, a mission debrief shall be submitted to your Game Master.

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