(Text below is verbatim in the video.)


Hey there!!!  Can you see me??  Hopefully this transmission is coming in clearly. Listen up!! I have to make this quick!

I hear you and your team are a pretty good crew of Agents – well, if you’re really that good, I can use your help.

I’m recruiting you are your team for a highly dangerous mission.  This is a matter of national security and you’ll have limited time to complete this mission in complete incognito.  Therefore, you and your team will need to blend in the environment and pose as the general public in the Old Town Scottsdale, AZ area.  Here are the details.

The Foundation is up to their “world domination” shenanigans again, only this time, they’re causing ruckus in Scottsdale.  We’ve gotten word that 6 of their high-level generals have smuggled a highly dangerous, experimental gun into the United States and they’re meeting their buyer on Thursday at high noon.

Now, here’s the kicker!!!!  Evidently, no one person has possession the gun, so they’ve smuggled the gun into the country in 6 pieces.  That’s right, in 6 pieces!

Your mission, if you choose to except, is to track down The Foundations Agents, confirm their identity, and intercept the transaction before the buyer takes possession of the gun.  When I say intercept, I’m talking about obtaining the pieces of the gun, and brining them to the safehouse.  How you stop the transaction from happening is totally up to you and your team.

Agents, I can’t express the necessity of this mission to be a success.  If you fail, all will be lost.  The buyer has the means and the technology to mass produce the gun and if this happens, there won’t be a city in the world that they won’t be able to take over.

So, can you see the importance of the success of this mission?  Needless to say, if your cover is blown and you become missing in action, we will disavow any knowledge of your existence.