(Video is verbatim of the text below)


This is mission control.  You’ve now been activated for a mission which we need your help.  This is a matter of national security, so you have to complete this mission in complete incognito and within a certain time.  Here are the details.

We’ve been looking for a few of the Foundation’s agents for the past years and we think we’ve found a couple of them in the Scottsdale, AZ area.  They’ve been quite elusive over the years dodging us from country to country, and our source, who has now become MIA, has given us intel which suggests they are now in the U.S.  And you’re the lucky agent who gets to confirm the legitimacy of the intel.  We’ve been told that they’ve changed their faces due to facial reconstruction surgery.  Nonetheless, we still need to confirm.

For this matter, we’re sending you on a reconnaissance mission where you, and a team of 3 others you choose, will need to engage these highly dangerous targets.  That being said, this is where your spy training comes in play, so listen to the next set of instructions very carefully and carry them out to the letter.


  1. Assemble a team of 4 and send me their code names.  Send a backup cellphone # of one of your team members – just in case you’ve been neutralized.  I’m assigning you as the Team Leader.
  2. When you find the Foundation’s agent, here’s what you and your team need to obtain:
    1. Get 2 pictures of each of the agents.
    2. Get the finger prints of both agents.
    3. Get the lip prints of the one they call Miss Demeanor!  That’s highly important.  She’s known to give the “Kiss of Death” to her enemies and over the years, she’s left a trail of dead bodies we need to confirm are her kills.
    4. Get both of their voice prints via video speaking for at least 15 seconds.  They MUST be present in the video, so our system can match their voice print with the past video recordings we have with their old faces.  How you get them to speak is up to you!
  3. Immediately send your intel to Mission Control.  Text your intel to the number 602.883.0868

You’ll have exactly 4 hours on tomorrow to complete your mission. 

Remember, if your cover is blown and you end up missing in action, we will disavow any knowledge of your existence.